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WKF 2010-10-28 -67 kg UKR Negaturov [0] - HUN Kovacs [2].MTS

Дима » 11pm - February 3, 2012
DESCRIPTION (1) Basics (2) Results (3) Help (4) Comments (1) Basics October 27th, 2010 saw the opening of the 20th World Karate Championships in the beautiful city of Belgrade, Serbia. 876 athletes from 88 nations gathered to compete at this inspiring event! The organization of the tournament was exemplary as were the athlete's performances. Subscribe to THEWKFAN channel on youtube to stay up to date as new video from the tournament go public. (2) Results The official results (and tables) can be accessed at the following websites: http://www.wkf-registration.net/kmAddons/onlinestats/tournament_details.php?id=46 http://www.karaterec.com/en/contests/world-championship-2010/ (3) Help i. I've done my best to prepare these videos. It is regrettable that several matches exist across multiple videos streams but re-encoding videos of this quality is prohibitively slow so I hope you can see past this inconvenience. Also some videos end before the conclusion of the match because I had to switch over in order not to miss a more interesting match (Aghayev, USA, etc.) If you have links to the full fights in these cases- let me know and I'll include a link in the video. ii. You'll see that I've tried to list the AKA fighter's name and score followed by the AU fighter's name and score. Undoubtedly typos exist in the video titles, so if you notice any, please let me know! iii. If you have any recommendations for me (such as additional tags in your native language) please don't hesitate to contact me! (4) Comments I hate to disable comments, so please do your best to avoid offensive language. All videos were recorded with the Panasonic HDC-TM700 1080p/60fps (The top consumer camera on the market today. http://www.amazon.com)
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